Random act of Memory

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That endless second,
The eyes I’d begged the gods for one chance to lose myself in
every dream I’d never been able to believe in
staring into mine across the counter

– can’t remember if it was Gin in your hand –
could have been a gun, I wouldn’t have noticed.

I couldn’t say your name.
I will never forget – not being able
to say your name.

I thought of your long ago night walks
– how the cold ate what little flesh you allowed yourself

How the words seeped through the tears,
the blood – your blessing

The scabs laid one atop another until
The pages were thick with scars
– and I couldn’t say your name.



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I’ve said enough…
The lightest day, the darkest night.
I think I’ve had…
Enough of both.

I say the end.
Of what became our final laugh,
I think I’ve had…
Enough of both.


Rest in peace.

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We all have that one day in our life that is as good as it gets…

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I was lucky enough to have two…

This was the first – http://mywritings55.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/its-done/

And this was the second – http://mywritings55.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/i-did-it/

Nothing will ever be as beautiful to me as these two days.

They were perfect.

I love you,


Test me.

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Ya, Test me babe – I may just go offline
There may be some odd thing that I’ll fuck up
like where I stand when I’m told we’re just ‘fine’
but then I see shit different when ‘close up’

Take that drive and – really – get away.
(don’t tell me where or with whom you might stay…)

I say – screw it all – just wallow (as you say…
life only happens once) and therefore – hey!
Leave the people who love you in the dark
you KNOW we love it… (should this rhyme with park?)

Man –

I worked all fucking day.

If this has to be a sonnet – dude… I’m SO not on it.




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endless compassion
countless opportunities
to know love through pain



Band-aid solution.

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When you finally
take a bandage off and look…?
Ya, it’s just like that.




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